Print-At-Home Logic Puzzles For Kids


Each printable booklet has:

  • 15 Logic Puzzles in total
  • 5 very easy + 5 easy + 5 medium
  • Answers included

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Sample Page: New Friends in Town.

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This set of logic puzzles are fun and challenging for middle school students. Kids will love the challenge of solving these puzzles and will have a great time doing so, while also developing their critical thinking skills.


  • Volume 1: New Friends in Town, Favorite Hobbies, Professions Puzzle, Teachers and Favorite Students, Artisan Specialties, Resort Visitors, AI Performance Evaluation, Global Influencers, Treasure Hunt, Deep Sea Rescue, Quiz Night Championship, Home Rentals Puzzle, Vintage Paintings, Art Installation Orders, and Mysterious Mansions.
  • Volume 2: Hobbies and Cities, Saturday Tasks, Ninja Newbies, Basketball Bonanza, Who’s Getting Married?, Interstellar Fleet Expansion, Triathlon Triumphs, Riverview Language Academy, Event Extravaganza, Atlantic Sailors, Queue for Quinoa Bowls, Ancient Statues, Science Fiction Novels, Explorer Teams, and Mountain Biking Champions.
  • Volume 3: School Teachers, Hobbies and Parks, Whose Birthday is First?, Horse Riders, Picnic Plans, Veterinary Visits, Galapagos Tortoises, Top Secret Jets, Book Collection, Midnight Snacks, A Day at the Fair!, Mystic Animal Sightings, Robot Soccer Championship, Innovative Treatments, and Exotic Butterflies.

Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 1, 2 & 3 Discounted Set


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