Print-At-Home Logic Puzzles


  • 50 Logic Puzzles in total
  • 35 medium + 15 hard
  • Answers included
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  • BONUS: exclusive access to 30 days of past puzzles at for your convenience

Sample Page: Logic Puzzles Sample.

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Logic Puzzles, also known as Logic Grid Puzzles, are a type of intellectual puzzle that challenge players to deduce relationships between different sets of items based on a limited number of clues. These puzzles typically present a grid that players must fill in to track the attributes of several sets of items, such as names, colors, and locations. Each puzzle includes a scenario and a list of direct or indirect clues. Solvers must use logic to infer connections, avoid contradictions, and gradually complete the grid. Popular among puzzle enthusiasts for their emphasis on deductive reasoning, Logic Puzzles are both entertaining and a good exercise in critical thinking.
This printable has a selection of 50 Logic Grid Puzzles.
Bonus: This product includes exclusive access to the puzzle archives (up to 30 days prior buying this product).

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