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Each printable booklet has:

  • 40 Pixel Puzzles
  • Answers included

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Sample Page: Painting.

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Pixel Puzzle, also known as Pencil Puzzle, is a fun activity for people of all ages. Simply follow the clues marked with letters and numbers to fill in the squares on the grid. This puzzle doesn’t require problem-solving skills, trivia knowledge, or math abilities. Anyone can do it—just fill in the squares according to the clues. As you continue, a hidden picture will start to emerge, revealing a delightful surprise.


  • Vol. 1 – Museum – Picture, Sculpture, Ticket, Sculpture, Sculpture, Roman Helmet, Vase, Pharaoh, Mummy, Sarcophagus, Stone Axe, Fossil, Bone, App, Mammoth, Papyrus, Book, Mask, Vase, Location, Skull, Barrier, Moai, Student, Tour Guide, Abstract Art, Sword, Telescope, Column, Entrance, Movie, Crown, Museum, Building, World Map, Audio Guide, Visitor, Dinosaur, Solar System, and Diamond.
  • Vol. 2 – Hobbies – Gardening, Chess, Cooking, Gymnastics, Surf, Hiking, Bowling, Table Tennis, Keyboard, Gaming, Jigsaw, Baking, Photo Camera, Sewing Machine, Scrapbook, Knitting, Notebook, Yoga, Billiards, Woodworking, Astronomy, Cinema, Painting, Camping, Magician, Golf, Pottery, Scuba Diving, Watch, Jewelry, Blacksmith, Paintball, Painting, Stamp Collecting, Ice Skating, Fishing, Hot Air Balloon, Theatre, Interior Design, and Running.
  • Vol. 3 – Landmarks – Eiffel Tower, Pisa Tower, Arch Of Triumph, Big Ben, Stonehenge, Colosseum, Cathedral Of Saint Basil, Parthenon, Sagrada Familia, London Eye, Taj Mahal, Tian Tan Buddha, Great Wall Of China, Blue Mosque, Angkor Wat, Statue Of Unity, Lotus Temple, Forbidden City, Statue Of Liberty, Cathedral Of Brasilia, Chichen Itza, Independence, Obelisk Of Buenos Aires, Moai, Golden Gate Bridge, Cn Tower, Sanctuary Of Our Lady Of Lourdes, Pyramids, African Renaissance Monument, Monument Of The Martyr, Djinguereber Mosque, Burj Khalifa, Gateway Arch, Shwedagon Pagoda, Itsukushima Shrine, Turning Torso, The Gherkin, King Ezanas Stela, Great Mosque Of Samarra, and Louvre.

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