Print-At-Home Zebra Puzzles


Each printable booklet has:

  • 60 Zebra Puzzles in total
  • 30 medium + 15 hard + 15 very hard puzzles
  • Answers included

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BONUS: exclusive access to 30 days of past puzzles at for your convenience.

Sample Page: Paws and Clues.

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Zebra Puzzles, also known as Einstein’s Riddle, are a type of logic puzzle that presents a series of interconnected clues involving a group of people, animals, or objects that have different characteristics or attributes. The challenge is to deduce the relationships between these elements based on the given clues. Each puzzle typically involves matching different attributes such as colors, nationalities, drinks, or pets to their respective owners or associated items, based on a set of complex and indirect hints. Solving a Zebra Puzzle requires careful analysis, deduction, and the methodical elimination of possibilities to arrive at the only arrangement that satisfies all the given conditions. This type of puzzle is celebrated for its complexity and its ability to engage and develop critical thinking and logical reasoning skills.
Each printable contains 60 Zebra Puzzles that will provide hours of challenging and entertaining problem-solving fun.

Bonus: This product includes exclusive access to the puzzle archives (up to 30 days prior buying this product).


Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 1, 2 & 3 Discounted Set

2 reviews for Print-At-Home Zebra Puzzles

  1. Karen M.

    I was initially skeptical about the print-at-home concept, but these Zebra Puzzles won me over. The quality is great, and the puzzles are addictive. It’s been a great way to improve my logic and deduction skills.

  2. Jonathan

    I initially bought it to access the puzzles. I am also having a great time solving the puzzles on pen and paper, especially the very hard ones.

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